Setup a Personal Campaign Page - Account Information

Creating your own fundraising page is simple. Fill in some basic information below, which will allow you to manage your page and invite friends to make a contribution. Then click 'Continue' to personalize and announce your page.
Supporter Profile
As you register for Trailblazer-by-the Sea as a run/walking participant, please add who you want to support. Adding a name of your chosen group to support, helps us to distribute the proceeds at the end of the event, to all our beneficiaries. The organisers will take into account your support and that of the partner organisation, when doing this.
It also means that if you also set up a competitive or fundraising team donation amounts will be tallied against both your personal registration and that of your nominated TEAM. As a registered participant, you can have fun on the run/walk, encourage donation support from friends and family and check your personal donations tally in your participant name and your nominated associated TEAM tally on the Donations Leader Board. This will grow as the event participation registrations are completed and donations are pledged. In addition to striving for a “PB” on your timed run/walk, encourage some rivalry in who leads in individual participant donation support and associated TEAM donations.
Please Select the Team you would like to be part of
If you would like to create a Team, please contact us at info@trailblazerbythesea.com.au and request for your new Team to be added to the current list!